socializing my chicks.

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    Apr 4, 2012
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    I started with 6 red sex links. At that time it was easy to make sure they all got held equally. Then a week later I got 15 barred rocks, and 6 more red sex links. Now its not so easy. My original 6 have had plenty of attention, so whenever I put my hand in the brooding box all 6 come right up to me, climb up my arm, and soak up the attention. I've had my chicks for about 2 weeks now. The barred rocks are slowly starting to warm up to me. Very, very slowly. Some will come up to my hand and eat, but a lot just hide in the corner. I'm trying to pay more attention to the more shy ones to kind of catch them up, but I'm wondering, will some chicks just not take to the attention? The smaller sex links are calmer and let me pick them up, but the barred rocks are definitely the ones I'm having some trouble with. Is it just a breed type of thing? Is there any treats that I gan give to one week and 2 week old chicks?

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