Society Finches 6 eggs to be hatched !!

Society Finches

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Dec 12, 2018
I have a pair of society finches which I bought in September from Petsmart, and they built a nest in their food container so I just let them since they re built it after I kept taking it away, they successfully had 4 baby chicks, but when I saw them after Checking daily, they were not breathing I saw the parents sitting in the nest, after the babies were not breathing, so I’m guessing they stomped on them.. they looked like 2 days old ( I did check and I didn’t see any live chicks on day 1 probably beause they sat on them still ) so I don’t know if maybe they needed food other than the pellets they eat...... Well this is their second clutch day 12 since I first saw 1 egg, after 3 days I saw 4.. and I just saw 6 today I hadn’t checked the eggs since about 1 week after I saw 4 eggs, well I’m a little nervouse since their first babies didn’t make it, I have started to put chopped carrots in their cage so they can have it in their system when the eggs hatch, I read oatmeal and spinach is good for them any ideas, I don’t know what to do if I see they are sitting on their live babies or try to.. , it’s 6 eggs!! In case I don’t see them successfully feeding them where can I buy what I need to hand feed them myself and any suggestions as to what to do I would greatly appreciate it, thanks ! My pair are in a cage designed for 2 finches and they have a bamboo average size nest this time, I threw away their old food container so they wouldn’t be tempted to nest there again.


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Jul 16, 2015
My finches always raised babies on a good seed blend and millet spray. I don't think pellets are best for finches. You could also sprout some seeds which can help add extra to the seeds.


Oct 9, 2017
You could try putting a 2nd nest next to the 1st nest just for the other parent to sleep in (finches prefer to sleep all bundled on top of each other in a nest. That is bad for eggs/babies because they can get crushed). If you did that you could return your food dishes, too. Unfortunately, I have had eggs & babies accidentally stepped on by the parents occasionally. Sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. I would make sure their nest is in a quiet corner (put cardboard around it if necessary), so they don't get startled & have some privacy. I know they're adorable but try to refrain from looking at the eggs/babies. The less they move around on the nest the better. Once the babies have hatched, one of them has to sit on them to keep them warm. Usually the other parent feeds the one sitting on the nest. Keep an eye out to make sure that's getting done (If not, put some food/water right next to the nest). I used to free feed both a seed mix & the tiny pellets (pellets have complete nutrition with vitamins), but when the parents were feeding babies I also gave them live mealworms. The protein helps the babies get strong and the parents REALLY love them. It's gross though, they hold them in their beaks like cigarettes & suck out the insides! Vegetables are o.k. in moderation, but only TINY amounts (think 1/4 teaspoon each bird daily, or less). The seeds/pellets/mealworms will be their real nutrition and the veggies just an occasional treat. You want them to fill up on the nutritious stuff, not veggies. I just love having baby birds. It fills the house with the happy miracle of life!

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