SOCK MONKEYS & HORSES--military style!

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    Military Green Monkey, $35

    He has a dog tag hanging from his neck that says "Brave Soldier"

    I have TWO of these green ones each is slightly different from the other (eyes, mouth).

    Green military horse with a combat boots button over his heart. $35

    Military brown Monkey. $35

    Belly button says "courage honor" and there is button/tattoo on his arm that says "United States"

    BYC ONLY deal, (paid by email with CC not paypal) Buy 2 of these for $30 each or three for $80! Plus I'll throw in some sock monkey hats for these babies if you buy three!


    Handmade out of new socks!

    Buy more then one sock creature and pay by CC via email (cheaper then Paypal for me) and I'll send a bonus gift! Buy 3 and I'll send a small sock horse

    If you want overnight shipping, that is extra. I can drop ship for you!

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