Socks has friends! *Pics Added*

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mandelyn, Dec 27, 2009.

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    So there was a week's time between Socks hatching and the rest of the eggs I set when I found out only one egg was viable on day 7 of the last setting.

    They were early too! Socks was 2 days early, the next 2 were 1 day early, and the last one is pipped right now, 2 days early. Incubator is all set right... so I don't know. They're strong and healthy chicks though.

    I put the two newbies in with Socks and his stuffed skunk (had nice long hair for him to huddle in) and he promptly hid behind his skunk. Couple of hours later though, he was piled on top of the new babies by the light. They've accepted him as "mommy" and he seems pleased about it.

    These new ones are a slightly different color, single comb, cute little guys. So I think they must all be Lil'Bits babies... Chipmunk passed a rose comb 100% last hatch, these are all single comb, which Rooster is, and Lil'Bit carries it since her daddy was a single comb. Lil'bit is also the only hen who has a "buff" gene in there, explaining the lighter colors on the chicks, everyone else is Quail colored. Curious to see how they grow!

    Pics later when they're up and moving! They're sleeping off the hatch effort now.

    ETA: There's such a size difference in one week of age! Socks is one week old now, the other two are 2 days, the last one 1 day. There's some color variation too, excited to see who turns out what. The last one had to be different and come out with a rose comb, the others are singles. There's atleast 2 girls though, so that's good.

    Socks tail is coming in white with black tips?? He's the big one on the right side.


    Socks has a black twin, then there's "Coco" the solid brown-ish one, and a striped one.


    See? A twin!


    Socks is giant!

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    Sep 28, 2009
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    I'm so glad to hear the Socks has friends to play with!!! Can't wait for pictures. [​IMG]
  3. mandelyn

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    Aug 30, 2009
    Goshen, OH
    Forgot to add, Socks fights with my hand every time I visit, seems like a boy to me. He's super friendly though, and it's teaching the others I'm not a threat. I thought I would have to hold one with him to have him accept them, but he's quite pleased with having some company and there wasn't any pecking or issues at all.
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    Apr 11, 2009
    VERY cute chicks!!!
  5. dappertophatter

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    [​IMG] Good for him and his new flock!

    Baby chicks- ahhhhh! My heart just melts! (Is there a melting smiley about?)

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