Soda bottle top waterers? Like for Polish...


10 Years
May 31, 2009
Cobleskill NY
I've seen waterers used on Polish cages at poultry shows. They just screw onto the top of a plastic bottle. Anyone know where I can order these? I think they would be great for my Seramas, so I'm not eternally cleaning out shavings. I can't get mine to get excited about a rabbit bottle or a lixit bottle, so I thought I'd try to find these.

you can put them on the insides of pens, too! Just support the bottoms. I use little shelf brackest, but a friend sets a chunk of wood under them.
Yep, Ebay has them, Cutlers, etc. tons of places. All around $1 a piece. I just go with the dozen. They're very handy. Easy to keep enough around you can change them out for cleaning. We pop the plastic pieces into a hot water bleach solution and let them sit and put fresh ones on. You can get stouter/longer lasting bottles, but we often just buy new after a bit.

Freeze partially filled bottles in the summer and top them off before putting out. The birds love them.
We've used them with up to the 1 ltr bottles. Certain brands work better than others...Coke products and some of the store brands. I prefer contoured bottles personally. If you go with a 2 ltr you'll probably need to put them inside as the bottle diameter might be too big to allow the drinking portion to extend into any enclosure. The *NEW* founts are longer than the older white ones with the springs.

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