soft duck eggs or "slips"

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    May 26, 2016
    I have a duck that has laid 4 slips...1 was a complete egg but too soft to keep shape. The other three have been just a loose, empty shell. I have read that excessive phosphorus may be a problem with this. Question- how do I know the correct amount and what could the possible sources be for excessive intake? I am very new to this....
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    Calcium metabolism is complex.

    Vitamin D, protein, phosphorus, calcium antagonists, etc. in the diet influence how calcium is used in the body.

    Phosphorous is high in most commonly fed poultry grains.

    I'd offer oyster shell free choice and let your duck consume as much as she wants. If you're already offering free choice you may need to switch to different kind. My hens prefer the tumbled oyster shell instead of the pelletized shell.

    I also feed my egg shells back to my ducks. They actually prefer that to oyster shell.

    I also offer cottage cheese and plain yogurt to them as food toppers.

    If you're worried about a dietary inbalance I would suggest contact your county's ag extension agent or animal science department at the closest land grant university.
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    Flax seed has quite a bit of phosphorus.

    I sometimes dissolve calcium citrate tablets in water, or crush them into powder, and add to treats or into the food. There have been time I have provided an extra 50 to 80 mg per duck per day.

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