soft egg + chicken acting funny

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    Mar 25, 2010
    so i have been gone all day and just now let the chickens out of their run, but my brown leghorn was acting really funny; she didn't forage like the rest of the chickens and just sort of stood around but she didn't look sick so I tried offering her some food but she wasn't interested in even lettuce which is her favorite and that really scared me. then she pooped a really funny looking clearish poo and then laid a softshell egg on the lawn as if she was pooping it. and I mean that this egg was like a water balloon and broke open the moment it hit the ground. after that she went back to being pretty normal... shes about 5 months old and she has been laying nice hardshell eggs
    can anyone explain this behavior? (and if you cant see the pics, can someone explain how to get pics up? thanks)


    the white dots are not on her, theyre from the camera


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