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    Aug 31, 2009
    We are interested in providing ventilation for our coop and have looked into via internet an RV size solar powered fan.We are unable to find an answer on the following concern: Does a solar attic fan work day and night? We need it to run 24/7 not just part of a day. Our coop is not that large 44 " wide and 37 " long .We will not be running an electric run attic fan due to the high energy costs. Also considering an RV size turbo roof fan if needed. Problem with the turbo might be that we do not always have a good wind. This is the tropics we live in.mid 80's day temp, night mid 60's avg. Rainfall is extremely hard as well as very often. Please does anyone have experience and /or knowledge on this topic? Thank you!
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    I replied on your SS forum thread, but want to comment here too, for others who may be reading this thread with the same type question --

    Solar attic fans only work while the sun shines i.e. not at night.

    Also they are pointless in most situations. Appropriately designed ventilation openings work far better in giving good airflow.

    If rain is a problem, a wide roof overhang will keep it out of the coop. In a tropical type climate a wide roof overhang is a good idea *anyhow* for temperature reasons. You can also do htings with louvers etc if the existing roof overhang is borderline (not quite worth rebuilding).

    Good luck, have fun,

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    many solar attic fans do work at night as well as during the day.
    northern tool has one. just make sure whatever you buy has a thermostat that can be turned below 100f

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