Solar Lighting Kits?

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    Hello All;
    My wife and I are in the planning stages of our first coop. We have read that in order to maximize egg production in winter we are going to need lighting. We live in the Pacific N.W. so winters can be dark. Our coop site will be to far away from the house to run power to. Even though we aren't in prime solar country we think that some sort of solar lighting kit might do the job. Does anyone know of a solar lighting kit available commercially that is suited to a chicken coop?
    Thank you for your help.
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    May 6, 2008
    You might check , they had some inexpensive solar units.
  3. Hardware stores often carry a photovoltaic panel small enough for the roof or side of a coop and sufficent to run lights. You might want to use LED lights because they need less power. We're using, among other things, LED Christmas Rope lights in the coop, though we have a standard electric outlet for those. You'll probably need enough amperage to keep a heater going under a waterer in winter.

    A lot of communities have specialty shops now that sell windmills, solar panels, inverters and the like.
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