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    I got a small $22 solar light bulb from Amazon (link) for my coop and I was hoping that I could use the remote control to turn it on from the house. Alas.... no. So my question is, if I've got to go outside after dark, should I do it in the AM (I have a hard time waking up in the morning, haha) or is it okay to have hubby turn it on about 4 or 5 and leave it on until 8 or 9. And then if that's the case will it affect their going in at night?

    This is an experiment for us. The ones with the timers were too expensive, but my girls have stopped laying, and I know it's due to the shortened nights.

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    It is ideal to add light in the morning to extend the light amount. When night time arrives, chickens will go to sleep naturally. Have DH turn it on 4 or 5, and you can turn off when it is light and you are up.
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    From my experiments, lights are more of a pain then anything.
    I still have a small light in the coop that turns on at 6:30am and off at 8:30pm, but sometimes, not always, the chickens will wonder around in the coop and sometimes in the covered run after dark. The covered run used to also have a small light but not now.
    Mornings are not an issue.

    If the light goes out while a chicken or two is wondering around, they will sleep where they are stood and not on the roost because they can no longer see it.

    If there was a light that would mimic a sunset, gradually dim over a 30-60min period, that would probably work really well.
    Or maybe a super dim night light, something just bright enough so they can see the roost but not interrupt sleeping.

    Edit: There is a light that mimics a sunset, dims over a 37min period. Might be work a shot but it's pricey..
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    Don't rely on someone turning it on and off..... one or two missed days can really screw them up.

    Good article^^^^

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