Solar panals on coop?

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    Hi - I live in southwest MN and it gets below freezing all the time, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have solar panels and wind mills ( they make small ones) on their coop which is really a barn to heat one area of it with heat lamps so once they come in from the cold they can warm up?


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    I wouldn't worry about heating a coop for your chickens. The will withstand the cold so long as they are dry and draft free. Keep their water thawed out, use deep bedding and roosts so their feet don' t freeze, feed them additional hot feeds like corn to keep their tempratures up and they will be fine. I also make mine a hot mash with cayenne pepper every morning. We have cold winters here, and my coop is not heated. They learn to adapt. When it gets really cold, they tuck their heads under their wings to protect their combs too. Chickens lived for centuries without heated coops.
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    By the time you figure you need 250 watts per heat lamp, you're going to be eating some expensive eggs.

    You're going to need quite an expensive panel (panels)
    Lots of batteries (doesn't do you any good if the heat doesn't come on at night)
    And an inverter capable of running enough amperage through it to support your heat lamp or lamps.

    I live in an area that usually sees 1-2 weeks a year well below zero. I don't heat my coops at all. They have one of the best natural insulations known to man.
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    Gotcha! solar panels on the coop is a stupid idea! Now for my fake self that is going to act like I never said a thing!
    Quote: WOW! this guy I can't believe him, thinking that solar panels is a good idea, pfff[​IMG]
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    While in coop heater can be dangerous and solar panels can be expensive, why not go for cheap alternative? Have you considered a soda can solar heater that you can build yourself? Most material can be found cheap or free on CL or salvaged from construction sides. I just pulled a bunch of window panels from a dumpster.
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    Yeah, I'm thinking about it.
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    If you are mechanically inclined and have the necessary sun & wind, solar and wind power are good ideas. Where they both get expensive is when you buy the "kits" or hire installation. The one expense you aren't going to get around is the batteries unless you connect to the grid, which is more complicated and also governed by your state laws. Your coop would be a good place to get your feet wet and help you decide if alternate power is for you. You could easily get a system that could power lights, especially if you use the led ones.

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