Solar Panels: Help wanted!

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    I am looking for advice (experiential or expert opinion) on how to go about equipping my 24' x 12' chicken gambrel barn for solar power. I am using my insulated barn for winter housing at present but would like to use it as a brooder house in the spring when i've moved my heritage breed laying hens to my portable egg wagon. This will require a power source for lighting and heat lamps (min. 4, max. 6). My barn is completely off-grid and I want to avoid the costs of power set-up (pole, meter, wiring, etc.) through NB power.

    So, with no prior experience I thought i'd reach out to the BYC members, especially those in the Maritime provinces in Canada for suggestions and advice about having solar panels installed on my barn. Could someone please respond with the required elements and ball park prices for the panels, batteries, converters, etc. that I would need for a 24' x 12' chicken barn? I'd also need to know the relative sizes of the solar panels necessary to provide lighting and power supply for heat lamps. Once, I know where to begin, I can start to contact companies and an electrician to install my solar set up. The real challenge is determining where to purchase materials in Eastern Canada.

    All suggestions/advice/opinions are invited. Thank you.

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