Solar power for heated drinkers?

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    Dec 29, 2011
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    I've got a small flock -- four with an ultimate cap of about six -- and I currently use a smallish plastic one gallon waterer outside of the coop. As we're getting closer to winter, though, I'm looking at ways to make sure that my flock has fresh liquid water instead of a block of ice.

    My run has hardware cloth sides, but it's also got a SunTuf roof, so I'm not sure that a passive solar drinker like this one will work. Has anyone got advice on running a small solar panel to power a heated drinker?
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    It would take a lot of power converted from solar to electricity to heat much water.

    For a small waterer such as mentioned, taking it in at night might be the cheapest deal.

    If it stays in the coop, the chickens might keep it warm enough not to freeze.

    I use a 110 volt birdbath heater successfully in winter to prevent freezing. The extension cord is not pretty, but it works.

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    Check out this thread for ideas for your waterer.

    I'm also wanting (but can't afford this year) the heated tape to wrap around pipes to go around my hoses providing water for the chickens. Ultimately, I want to power it off of solar panels but again, not this year.

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    I've been wondering about using a low wattage (edison type) light bulb. Somehow safely enclosing the main water container in a lidded box, the light bulb throwing enough heat to keep the water from freezing.
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    Quote: Unless you want to spend HUNDREDS of dollars for panels, batteries and inverters, don't even consider it

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