Solar Power for the Coop?


6 Years
Nov 2, 2013
Hey guys!
We have 3 chickens (had 4 until last summer) that will be 5 this May. The coop is right next to our garage and during the Wisconsin winter, we run an extension cord for the heated waterer.
We got a new coop that we plan to put 100 yards or so away from any power source. We do not heat our coop but still need the heated waterer. How do you go about the solar aspect? I am completely new to this and want to make sure I am prepared long before winter gets here.
Search forums for solar powered coop and you will find some great threads. Some have step by step instructions as well as shopping lists/links. Heating water takes quite a bit more power than a little LED bulb for light, so it may be a bit of a project.
It takes a lot of power to heat water, usually more than can be supplied with solar power. Is it possible to bury some underground wire out to the new coop?

A 16 awg extension cord will work at 300' for a 250 watt heater with acceptable voltage drop.


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