Solar powered door and Porch light.

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    I'm going to be putting in an auto door and while a solar kit would be great, I'm concerned with how sensitive they are with porch lights. My close neighbor, about 40 off to my side, and leaves his porch light on all the time. He's on the second floor and it's about 125' from where the sensor would be. the light would be coming from the side, but it's a clear shot. Also, if there was a motion light in the run, I can assume if it gets tripped on, the door will open? Whats people experience with them. Thanks ahead of time for any clarity.
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    Feb 23, 2015
    I used a 15 watt solar panel, no charge controller. Big lawn mower battery, double throw double pole relay and a twelve volt light sensor from amazon. I was worried about headlights opening the door at night never does though. If your neighbors light opens it you could put a gaurd over sensor. Mine won't open with a bright led flashlight. Sunlight had way more power than artificial light, even with cloud cover. Chickens are always at roost about 1/2 hour before door shuts. The battery also powers a coop light and timer that comes on at 4am. I apologize for Swype on my droid, if i don't make sense.
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    Thanks Beulah. That eases my mind. I thought about putting a guard over it but I was concerned since the sun sets in the same direction that porch light (and mine too), I didnt know if it would screw the sensor up. Car headlights. I didnt even think of that. That wouldnt be a concern for me where I'm living, but yeah. Glad to hear it has no affect. I really dont want to bother readjusting the timer, especially with the days getting longer now. Thanks again. :)

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