SOLD 12+ B/B/S Silkie eggs to ship Saturday from MS

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12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
They are black/blue and splash and there is a very slight possibility of a buff mix in there, they recently started to lay and I have to move them out into their own pen and find a roo for them. But most of my flock is black/blue and splash. I have some very nice birds coming along from this flock. Will find some pics and post later. The eggs will be $25 including shipping and I will include as many extras as I get before saturday. I have a few broodies with baby seramas right now, but get several eggs a day still. Paypal to [email protected]



Here are some pics, the white is not mine, came from someone else and is still a baby too:

One of my hens:

Some of the girls, including my one sizzle girl and my blue roo in front on the left:

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