**SOLD**12+ Blue Plymouth Rocks - Sex linked


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Nov 22, 2007
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My Coop
Offering 1 dozen plus extras from my Plymouth Rocks. Dad is a gorgeous splash, moms are hardworking barred rocks. The results??? All blues! And sex linked. Baby girls have a solid blue head and will grow up solid blue, baby boys will have white on their heads and grow up blue barred. Shipping is actual shipping to your zip code. These will ship around October 13, due to Holiday. Paypal please.

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Oh my! That is a beautiful bird! I sure hope you'll be selling eggs in the early spring. I'm hatching one last batch of Ameraucana eggs (set today) and then putting the 'bator away.

Those are on my "must have" list!
I just got a batch in from halo and they are beautiful eggs. Her packaging is the best I have seen. This care tells me that the birds will be great quality. KUDOS.

I hatched out a batch of these they are great birds, very beautiful
Halo just shipped me a second batch of these eggs. The chickens from the first batch are just turning 20 weeks and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I can't wait til I have more.
I wonder if I'll be able to get my hands on these after my bator is done with the silkies? I have a week left on what's in there (pyncheon bantums and LF silver laced cochins), then a batch of silkies will be going in.

But I *need* some of these... say, around December? Gah, I'm crazy. I'll probably try to get some, then we'll get hit with our yearly ice storm and be without power for 2-7 days :-(

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