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*SOLD*2 1/2 doz.(30 eggs) purebred variety pack-$30. shipping inc.

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by poultrylady, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. poultrylady

    poultrylady Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Delano, Tn.
    These are all purebred stock, all of my breeds of chickens are kept in seperate coops with large runs. these eggs were collected Tue. and today. I would like to ship them in the morning so they will make it before the weekend. Included are- 7 Buff Orpingtons, 10 Cuckoo Marans, 3 Welsummers, and 10 Black Astrolopes. Total of 30 eggs. these will be shipped priority mail. Just post sold if interested, paypal please. Thank You!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2008

  2. bheila

    bheila Songster

    Feb 8, 2008
    Kent, Wa
    Sold! I'll PM you.[​IMG]

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