SOLD! 28 eggs (Silkie, Cochin and Button)


12 Years
Feb 21, 2007
Grenada, MS
You choose. I have:

5 pure bantam cochin eggs (possibly frizzled)
12 silkie (possibly mixed due to having other birds combined right now)
11 button quail eggs

$20 for all or you pick and make an offer. Email me if interested either way. Need to ship out soon. Will include any I get before shipping.


Edited to add pics:

blue silkie chick:

blue silkie x barred rock:

blue silkie x barred rock chick

silkie x barred rock (frizzled)

cochin parents:
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If no one wants these I guess I will be eating alot of eggs huh? Anyone?

May consider a swap?

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I normally do separate them. I have sold lots of eggs here that were pure. I am just in the midst of working on some new coops and so I have some of them together. Just seeing if anyone wanted them is all. You can see under the positive feedback thread that I have sold pure bred for a while. This is the first time selling mixed. Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it. I really do.


I will PM you about the buttons.
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Sounds great. Thanks. My buffs are still young too. And I only have roos I think right now. So will need more. Thanks again.


Here is one of the last blue girls I hatched before putting them together. The picture is not geat but she is looking pretty nice so far.


and a new pic of that buff you liked:

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