Sold as Indian Blue white eyes!


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
Sold as Indian Blue white eyes!

dark silver pied.PNG

What it is NOT !'s more than that ! it's a IB Dark silver pied ! (2 genes SP).
- discoloration of brown feathers and back feathers.
- some white feathers on the back.
- some white eyes.
- ring of white feathers at the top of the legs.

dark silver pied 1_LI.jpg

IB silver pied X IB SP = 50% IB SP + 25% White + 25% IB Dark silver pied.

Ancient theory on silver pied genetic ...
Existence of genes white eyes ... not sure!
They say ...
2 white genes so a lots of white eyes! In theory, this bird has two genes white eyes (one comes from the father and the other from the mother) it should be full of white eyes ... and it has NOTHING!

The silver pied gene exists! = a kind of pied gene + a color eraser.
Dark silver pied = two silver pied genes!
When we talk about silver pied there are automatically white eyes!
And in fact, it's like pied genetics!
Dark silver pied x White = 100% silver pied .... BINGO!

A peahen Dark silver pied ...
After the next moult ... she may be all gray on the back !

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