SOLD Bantam Black and Blue Mottled Cochin Cockerals - 3 1/2 Months Old - Grand Rapids Michigan Area

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    Of the five chicks I managed to hatch, four ended up being boys. The four of them are getting a little rowdy for my one pullet, so I am looking to sell these three. They are hatched from Amy Knoll's chicken eggs of West Knoll Farm ( The two black mottled hatched from Grant's pen and the blue mottled hatched from Rascal's pen. They have lots of filling out to do as you can see from the photos, but have the potential to be very nice looking roosters when they finish growing in. Local pickup only, in Rockford/Plainfield Township just a few minutes north of Grand Rapids. The black mottled roosters are $10 each, and the blue mottled rooster is $20. Or, will sell all three for $30. Please message me with interest.

    Black Mottled #1 $10

    Black Mottled #2 $10

    Blue Mottled $20
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