SOLD Bantam Cochins and "True Ameraucanas" for sale in Western Pa SOL


12 Years
Sep 19, 2007
I figured I'd post the following here before Craigslisting them:

Ameraucana Trio (pretty sure two Pullets and 1 roo) the Black Pullet is a bit older then the blue pullet and the blue roo $25 for the 3:

Bantam Cochin Trio (1 straight feathered pullet and 2 frizzled roos I think)$15 for the 3:

Bantam Blue Frizzle Cochin Roo (about 1 year old, proven breeder) $10:

Bantam Blue Splash Cochin Roo (buddy to above roo) $5:

Silkie/Bantam Cochin Cross Chicks $15 for the 6:

What I believe to be pure Bantam Cochin Chicks (one may be a frizzle) $21 for 7:

and for something different (my little experiment)...
Blue Ameraucana Silkie Cross Chicks $8 for the 4:

And 1 free Splash cochin (roo?):

I don't really want to get into shipping these guys. My do a deal if you take everybody!
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