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9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
"PLEASE DO NOT BID" ~These two boys have found a new home, but I do have other colors and some buff rocks available~I have two 11 week old cockerels looking for homes. They are products of a split/split breeding. Out of that cross you get 50% splits,25% lavender and 25% regular black. Do not know if these carry the lavender gene as they are not of breeding age yet. They are super friendly, will come to you and eat out of your hand, like to be petted.
Very healthy and well cared for, just have no place for them. Price is for both. If you have any questions please pm me, thanks.

Picture of a pullet from same hatch

OTHERS AVAILABLE: jouvi lav cockerels, 8 week buff rock quad, serama's, bantam orp eggs
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