"SOLD" For Sale Cuckoo and Blue Cuckoo Maran Chicks in West Central WI

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  1. ilovechickens

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    Jun 14, 2008
    West Central Wisconsin
    I just received some Cuckoo Marlan chicks on Friday from a fella in Iowa, the chicks are beautiful and thriving. Since my husband works in the area he was able to pick them up and bring them home. There will be more chicks available either this Friday or next Friday. They are due to hatch on the 05/01/09 if they hatch before my husband leaves they will be here that Firday evening, or if they hatch after he has already left for home, he will pick them up on 05/08/09, they will be sold as straight run. The price's are $4.00 for the Cuckoo Maran's and $6.00 for the Blue Cuckoo Maran's. Possibly 4 - 6 of each kind. You will have to pick them up, I will keep them warm, watered, and fed until then. Some have feathered legs, and some don't.
    These are the ones that I received on Friday:jumpy
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  2. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
    Central WI
    Keep me posted on the prices, I would like to take a few off your hands if possible.

  3. WiseChicks

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Hudson, WI
    Where in west-central WI are you? I'd definitely be interested!

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