sold FS -6 very blue eggs- ship


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11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
I have 6 eggs I collected but have not heard from the buyer. so 6 very blue eggs from my EE and Alabaster my rumpless Araucana roo (who hatched from a very blue egg.

I believe all offspring will lay very blue eggs. Many chicks come out rumpless and some are even tufted.

$20 shipped, will go out today for Sat delivery.

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paypal is [email protected]

here is a pic to see color, the hen is older now and her eggs are not as blue as when she first started to lay yet they are still very blue. 100% fertility on these she is Alabasters favorite

here it is one of her eggs next to a robins egg they are infact more blue than in the pic btw

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