SOLD FS Chickens, Layers, Laying Hens: Rock, Australorp, Wyandotte

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    SOLD We have approximately 15 heavy breed layers that are 2+ yrs old that we would like to sell. They are still laying but just not as much, so out with the old and in with the new! They range from Barred Rocks, Americana, Black Australorp, Black Sex Link, Silver Laced Wyandotte, White Rocks, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island Reds. They have been fed a natural/organic diet nearly all of their lives. We are attached to some of these so they will not be a part of our dinner table (our loss and your gain)! They make great stewing hens, too!

    We NEED to get rid of these before winter comes! We are willing to negotiate! $5 each or the whole bunch for $$.

    Please email if you need anymore info.

    I have posted these on Craigslist so you can view the images there:

    shipping. Pickup is in Arma, KS (Southeast KS, just north of Pittsburg).
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