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11 Years
Apr 24, 2008
Shelton Washington
Well we survived the heat wave and the girls are back to normal laying cycles.

We are offering 12 eggs, this shipment will include extras. Fertility is good, brooders are full (a complete understatement).

Eggs $20 / Shipment USPS Flat Rate w/ Delivery Confirmation $12.50.

Our birds are descended from Barber Lines. We are currently running both Blue and Splash Roos over Blue and Splash Hens. We see Blues, Splashes and some blacks in our hatches. We will get them paired off later this summer to generate only blues.

Eggs are ready now and can ship.

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Glad you survived the heat, my girls did not like the full sun that we get here on our property. Still going without rain here in N. Kitsap, today will be day 30.
I miss the rain.

I was wondering if you were able to set 4-6 eggs in the bator for me? If you were able to, what is the price for the chicks? My chicks from Ideal will be ariving around the 26th. So they should all be close in age. I am so looking forward to having some of your beautiful BLRW's, and meeting you as well. Please let me know.

Thank you for working with me,


Let me see what we have cooking right now. I think I have BLRW chicks scheduled to hatch the 27th.

Thank you so much.
When you figure out how much you want for the chicks please let me know.
Do you know if the chicks are all related? I would love to possibly get a pair.
I really do appreciate your willingness to hatch them, it is a great big help, as I dont have an incubator yet. I am looking for one, just not sure what one would be best.

Thanks again nivtup,

The eggs are from different hens and roos. I do not hve them seperated in the bator, so it is by chance. The odds of full blodded sisters and brothers is very low though.

I will PM you later whne I know what I have available and when.
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