SOLD! Genesis 1588 incubators w/auto-turner for sale - NW Ga

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  1. I have 2 Genesis 1588 incubators with the auto-turner for sale. $130 each (plus actual UPS charges if shipped, the $20 figure is just to make this posting thing work). If first unit shows "sold" PM me if you are interested in the 2nd one. These will be available to ship or pick up AFTER October 28 as I have my last hatch in process right now.

    Pictures are of the same with the auto-turner, the other of the base just to show the condition of it. Almost spotless! Just purchased about 7 months ago. I have a Sportsman 1502 coming is the only reason I am selling these.



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  2. Coopa Cabana

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    Sent you a PM regarding purchasing one of the bators with turner. Thanx!!
  3. One unit is sold, one unit is left.

    I should have noted that the auto-turners are for CHICKEN eggs (holds 42) and that I do accept paypal.

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    Im interested if this bator is still for sale! I live 120 miles from you! Could you meet me halfway possibly? or Were possibly going to the Jasper and Buchanan swap and I could get it there if youre going! Let me know, also let me know your paypal!! [​IMG] Have a blessed day!
  5. Quote:Good morning....sent you a PM

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