Sold hen escapes, walks 3.3 miles to original home

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I read an incredible story on a Swedish chicken page on Facebook. The story was taken from a German page and (rather badly) translated from German into Swedish. I'll try to translate it to English here, taking some liberties when it gets unintelligible:

The Hen Inge's Escape From the Chicken Roaster Back to the Stable
By Julia Haase
Date: 03/07/2018

Inge is actually an ordinary hen. But she has succeeded in doing what no other chicken has done: Escaping from the neighboring village to her own house. And that over an adventurous distance. Inge's fate was already sealed. Her original owner Gerald Wernicke, passionate chicken breeder from Wultzow in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark, had sold the hen in December last year. And not just to anyone, but to Takeaway owner and chicken roaster Heiko Weinberg. He lives in the village Görzke, five miles away.

But they had both made the deal without asking Inge. Just a few days after moving to the Weinberg property, she fled over a five foot fence despite her clipped wings.

Well, that wasn't the real surprise. That was what Gerald Wernicke experienced eight weeks later: Inge was suddenly whole and happy in his chicken run. The breeder can't believe it. Says he:

"My hair stood on end. Inge was back."

The animal had covered an amazing distance of 3.3 miles over the last two months and actually found her way home. All alone, with predators breathing down her neck and without knowing the way.

How Inge managed this chicken miracle is not just a puzzle for the hobby breeder. Veterinarian and bird expert DMV Sonja Kling from Berlin can only be surprised at the behavior. That a chicken can return over such a distance into his stable was a small miracle.

We can now say that Inge suspected what would happen to her at Heiko Weinberg's. Chickens are extremely intelligent and quite sensitive animals.





What do you guys think? I've never heard anything like it and find it quite incredible. I never stop marveling at the power of the chicken mind.
That’s amazing, and quite endearing! And people say chickens are dumb? I don’t think so!! They owe that little hen a lifetime of loyalty after a dangerous trek like that! Thanks for sharing! Amazing story!

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