SOLD: Indian Runner Duck Hatching Eggs-New York

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Calebs Acre

14 Years
May 17, 2008
Long Island
A guy bought my 6-plus (actually 8) Indian Runner Eggs (on eBay)and I wrapped them from yesterday AM's eggs to ship out yesterday. It was supposed to be instant PayPal payment, but it was a best offer item, so it didn't work properly. They are all ready to go and he hasn't paid yet, so I thought I would offer them here.

I accept PayPal and the price, including shipping is $15. Post "SOLD" and send payment to [email protected] and I'll get them out to you by 5PM today. Thanks so much.
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Just sold these eggs locally, but I often have eggs available. My runners are all in together: black, white, fawn and white and chocolate. Some of them are hatchery (fawn and white and chocolate) and some are private (white, black).

By the end of the this season, I hope to bring things up a few notches, but we'll have to see how things go. Quite a few of the breeders from whom I would have liked to have purchased stock suffered heavy losses this year, mostly due to predators.

I figure if you're asking those questions, my current ducks are not what you want.
I've been looking for grey runners. I lucked out and found someone to sell me 8 eggs from their Holderread lines. I'm looking for a few more eggs, but this seems to be a hard color to get.
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