SOLD:Marans, Cochins, RIR, Rocks, Blue Andalusian, EE Bantams Roos

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    Nov 1, 2007
    I have the following for sale. Located in Central MN, no shipping, pick up only. All chickens are 3-6 months old and standard size unless noted. Call 320-732-4087

    $2 each
    7 EE bantam roosters - very colorful Eggs are mostly blue with hints of green

    $3 each
    2 white rock roos
    4 cuckoo marans roos

    $5 each
    3 splash cochin roos
    2 blue cochin roos
    1 black cochin roo
    2 splash blue andalusian roos
    1 black blue andalusian roo

    $7.50 each
    2 black copper marans roos (no feathers on legs)
    1 colorful marans roo (no feathers on legs, it was sold to me as a purebred but I am not sure)
    2 Black Australorp roos

    $8 each
    15 straight run 12 week old Partridge Cochins

    $10 each
    4 EE Laying Pullets - started laying 1 month ago
    10 RIR Pullets - about 3.5 months old. Have not started laying

    Give away- these chickens have leg issues
    2 buff rock roos
    1 black andalusian roos
    2 white rock roos
    3 cuckoo marans roos
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