SOLD-Mille Fleur Cochin Cockerel For Sale-CA


11 Years
Nov 22, 2008
Wingshadows Hacienda
I have one more Mille Fleur Cochin cockerel left from my Nov 2008 hatch. He is a good looking guy & getting darker everyday. These pics aren't the best so if you would like more info or better pics just PM me. I'll see if I can get this little boy to stand still long enough for a photo shoot.

Pic taken 2/22/09

Pic taken 3/17/09 You can compare this pic to the one above & see how he has darkened in a month.

Cassanova-the Baby Daddy

This little guy is from my Mille Fleur Cochin project & he is an F2.

The cockerel is $45 plus box & shipping of $45.00. Total $90.00 I take Paypal at

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions. Thank you.
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