SOLD OUT for now! FS-super cheap coops- NY or ship update #63

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Dec 16, 2008
UPDATE: ok so I ordered them, I dont know how long it will take for them to arrive but if you are interested just post on this thread and I will contact everyone via pm once they have arrived.

Coops will be $180 a piece plus cost of shipping unless picked up. This is my BYC price I will also sell some of craigs list for more money

I have a opportunity to get this coop


for UNDER $200 but I need to buy quiet a few of them

I wanted a couple to use as breeding and broody pens for my silkies.

They are not big about 51/2 feet by 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 not including nest box. good for 3 bantams I would think and light enought to move around.

I dont suspect they will cost that muh to ship and would use UPS ground service. I have seen them selling for over $400 but at the $180 range it is more reasonable. edited to add they are quiet costly to ship so check post #63 for details

would anyone be interested?
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I am in NY ok if 3 people responded I am assuming there will be more right? should I put in my order??? I am selling the extras at my cost no profit I just dont want 20 of these things, could you imagine
You need to make sure that the people can pay and they are serious. I would need to see how much it would cost to ship against the cost of driving to pick up. They look good assembled but I know that they probably will not ship that way.
you must assemble them and I believe they come in a flat box about 2X3 or a little bigger. Having used UPS a lot I am thinking cost to ship should not be more than $40 maybe a lot less.
I'd be interested IF you can get a weight on them, so I can figure shipping. Also do you have a link for specs, additional pics, etc?
I would also be interested, but I need to know shipping. I could not come and get them as I am in West Virginia.

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