SOLD!Showgirl/Silkie- blue to white - 6+ eggs $20 includes ship SOLD!

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10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
This shipment is sold. Thanks!

Hi All- I'll have a shipment of 6+ eggs for Tuesday from my two pens with white Showgirl roos and blue and white Silkie and Showgirl hens. You can expect mostly Showgirls in your hatch, with perhaps a Silkie or two. Colors will range from black to blue to white.

Below are photos of my latest hatch (last week,) all Showgirls with bowties (heterozygous). Mostly whites with a couple of medium blues. Awesome foot feathering, nice toe seperation, some great topknots- oodles of cuteness.

Guaranteed satisfaction with your hatch. If you're not happy just drop me an email and I'll do my best to make it right. I'm a very careful packer and shipper and always include any extra eggs I have.

Post sold and send me a PM for Paypal payment information. Thanks!

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