(Sold) Silkie eggs for sale, Multi colors availabile / FL


Emu Hugger
11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
I have for sale:

2 Red/ Buff ( from my red & buff silkie pen)
13 Partridge
3 Blk
4 White

They are $1 each plus shipping so = $22 +$15 shipping = $37 for all

Or I can break it down smaller, 1 doz each in a day more. Shipping is $12 for a doz.

[email protected]

Birds can be viewed on my web-site.
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Evermore Ranch

11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
NW Alabama
hey i was checking out your website and we have been talking about adding some giants. How friendly are they? Could i get on the list to get for some of them as well? it would be great if i could get them all shipped together. I would take 12 partridge silkie and 6 jersey giants. i will have room in the bator after 4-2. Just let me know a price and approximately when so i can keep room in the bator. I can pay pay pal but may need to move some money. My hubby will be so pleased when i tell him the coops we are building now . . . we need more:D
. Then hopefully they will come in while he is at work. He will be shocked when they hatch. We have been trying to get some parts and most of the hatcheries are sold out.

Thank you


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