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    I am only getting 2-3 eggs per day these days with almost the entire flock broody. I have 8 eggs collected from the remaining girls laid since Saturday the 29th, I would like to mail tomorrow. I will add anything I collect befor the day is over and what is laid in the morning, if anything. The Mottled Cochins could produce a Frizzled Cochin, My Frizzled boy has figured out how its done.

    I am asking $ 8.00 plus shipping to you zipcode. THIS IS PAYPAL ONLY, NO ECHECKS. These are fresh eggs and I need get them shipped Wednesday at the very latest.

    Please see the breeders on my website at:

    First person to Post this listing is Sold and forwards the money has this very nice assortment.

    Shipping runs between $6 to $9. I can check the postage if you let me know.
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