SOLD Started Pair of Giant Black Cochins, NC

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    ***SOLD LOCALLY**** Thanks for looking!

    Up for auction is a young pair of Black Cochin Large Fowl, 2 1/2 months old. I'm pretty sure that these are a pair, but I cannot guarantee it. They are from exhibition quality stock and we have had some very good wins with their parents (BV, BB, Best Asiatic, Reserve Best of Show). These were hen-raised by one of my Buff Orp hens. The cockerel is looking like he's going to be a BIG boy and has lots of foot feathering and nice, straight toes. The pullet is slightly smaller but she should finish out to a nice size as well.

    Due to their age, I would prefer they be picked up locally. I will ship to a nearby state with Express Mail cost plus USPS approved box (I provide a recycled one for $10, or you send a new one to me). I've never shipped live birds, so if you want them shipped, please bear with me as this is a learning experience for me.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions before bidding. This auction is a final sale. I will include the Barred Rock pullet for free if you want her. She's a very sweet girl, but I don't have any other BRs to put her with.

    I plan to take better pictures when it starts to dry out around here. These will give you some idea what size and quality they are.

    Left: Cockerel, Right: Pullet (and the Barred Rock pullet)

    The pullet - her feet don't look so great here. I just let her back in her pen from being outside for a little while.

    The pullet in the foreground and the cockerel in the background.

    The cockerel being a cockerel!

    Pictures of Parent Stock:
    (Size Comparison - see the 5 gallon bucket?)
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