sold & THANKS! 12 Ameraucana eggs/ $18.00 + shipping / from SC

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Hi! I have 12 Ameraucana eggs that can ship tomorrow, 3/10.
The Ameraucana are blue, splash, and black hens with blue roo.

$18.00 plus actual 'USPS priority shipping'.
I'll need your zip code to get the shipping total.

You can see some pics of the Am's on 'my page' and more pics of Am's and eggs in this link: Ameraucana pics .

Here's a link to how you can expect your eggs to be wrapped and packed for shipping .
My PayPal s [email protected].
Please post sold if you want these and I will send you the shipping total asap.
*Please don't post unless you plan to follow through with the transaction.*

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Hi , I tried to reach you but didnt hear back.
My zip is 18201. Is it possible for me to get those eggs? I can pay by paypal.

In the pics i see the roo as no tail and most of the hens have tails.
Will the chicks have tails?

Where in SC are you? I may be close enough to pickup.
Thanks Michele, they will be heading out this morning.

Hi Daniel, I'm in Aiken. I think we're 3 -3 1/2 hrs from Sp'burg.
That blue roo is Cobalt. He lost all his tail feathers and most of the 'fleshy part' of his tail (along with great chunks of flesh in other places) in a raccoon attack.
I doubt he'll ever be able to grow tail feathers back.
Thanks for asking.
I'm so used to seeing him tail-less I don't even think it odd anymore.
I really need to get new pics.

Birch Run Farm, I'll email you the total and they can ship this afternoon.


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