SOLD - Thanks BYC!FS/GA - French Black Copper Marans hatching eggs

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    We have been blessed to have a flock of French Black Copper Marans who meet the French standards. which are anticipated to adopted to be our American standards. These were raised on our farm since day one and are from the flock of beloved Copper King here on BYC. All have the correct plumage and height and stature including feathered feet,etc

    Our prices are $75 a dozen which includes careful packing, handling, priority shipping and confirmation delivery. I can also send 6 eggs for $40 all inclusive of shipping. This is delivered within the continental United States. We can purchase insurance if you desire and will pass the actual cost of the insurance on to you. For the month of August, I am lowering the price of one dozen to $65, all inclusive and the price of 6 eggs to $35.

    We treat our flocks with great respect, care, grains and feed and access to fresh grass and sunsine.


    We pack in the same way we would like to receive....only the freshest eggs, wrapped in the greatest of care and sent promptly by priority mail.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me or post on this listing

    Be blessed and be a blessing. Thanks for your interest!

    Will post again when next available
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