SOLD & THANKS Call Duck hatching eggs ~NY~

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  1. 6+ Mixed Color Call Duck hatching eggs. They will ship either 3/23 or 3/24.

    Im asking $20.00, priority mail shipping included.

    I put a test batch in a week ago, and I have had 100% fertility on these eggs. Last year I hatched 7 out of 8 in my incubator.

    Here are some pictures of the ducks, and last years ducklings. The coloring on some of the mixed ducks resembles the coloring of Blue Bibbed call ducks.


    I cant guarantee hatchability due to conditions out of my control.
    See how I pack my eggs at my website. I lable the box "FRAGILE", and "Handle With Care".

    Please post SOLD and them send me a PM for my paypal email address. I only accept paypal instant payment, no echecks. I only ship to the lower 48 states. Or email me at [email protected] for paypal email address. Please contact me for paypal email address within 12 hours after posting sold, otherwise I will have to relist the eggs. I will need payment within 24 hours of you posting sold. That way I dont have to worry about having a box of eggs ready to go without having received payment.

    If you would like eggs at a later time, pm me and we can pick a ship date. Then i will contact you 2 weeks before the ship date for payment.
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  3. Quote:I sent you a pm. [​IMG]
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    Darn it I can't even reply!
    You guys are toof ast
  5. Quote:lol

    I will have another batch to go on 3/30 probably earlier (maybe the 3/26 or 3/27). (The girls are laying up a storm) 6+ for $20.00. If you would like them pm me. [​IMG]
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    I'll vouch for nice packaging, prompt service or I feel that they would contact you immediately. When I received the package, not a single egg was cracked and even got a speck of NY poop- lol, chicken poop for me. The only reason that these eggs of mine wont hatch will be entirely my error, incubator (its homemade) . With the lite Brahma eggs they were great shells showing care and feeding and uniform size and shape.
    It was the first and best experience I have had.
    Thanks Sundown!
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    call ducks are hot this year.....they are soooo cute.

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