SOLD Va Hovabator 1588 Incubation Kit with 6 BBS/Red Orp Eggs

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  1. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    This is one of the incubators I have used to hatch my flocks including -

    - buff orpingtons and black/lav project orpingtons from Hinkjc Poultry
    - bbs orpingtons from speckledhen, tuffoldhen, bamachicken, jimmiecox and several other breeders as well as my own line crosses from these hatches
    - BLRW
    - black orps
    - silver appleyard ducks
    - dewlap toulouse geese
    - sebastopol geese
    - embden geese
    - african/toulouse cross geese
    - bronze turkeys
    - bobwhite quail
    - button quail
    - coturnix quail
    - pearl guineas

    I cannot promise you that you will have the failures or successes I have had. I am only offering the equipment in which you can use to hatch your own flocks.



    1 - Hovabator Genesis 1588, with water tray and wire rack.
    1 - GQF Auto turner with chicken egg racks.

    I am including for free -
    1 - used digital thermometer/hydrometer (not a probe)
    1 - used water wiggler
    1 - rubber mat for laying over the wire rack to protect newly hatched chick feet
    1 - glass thermometer best used when mounted inside a brooder to keep and eye on your temps

    As a bonus I am offering the buyer 6 orpington hatching eggs. They will be a combination of eggs from one or all of my orpington breeding pens and could be bbs or red or a combination of the two. Eggs will not be shipped until after the incubator package has been recieved by the buyer.

    Shipping is included. There is no warranty on any item. The items have been sterilized since my last hatches were completed. At this time every item is in good working condition.

    $175 complete.

    Note -
    This is a used incubator. There is very minor staining on the base in a couple places due to the hard water we have here.

    Can ship today.
  2. juliechick

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Southeast AR
    I want it! I will send you a PM.
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