SOLD WI 4 sale to 4H kids chicks and adults for 4H projects

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    Jan 1, 2008
    These are some nice show quality bantams and I am wanting to get them into some nice 4H homes near Eau Claire or within driving distance. I will only meet you within about 30 miles of my house or you can pick up here.

    I have 4 mille fleur D Uccle chicks for sale $5 each

    A few pairs of Seramas that are under 1 year old.

    Some extra Seramas


    a very nice show pair of bbred OEGame bantams. I can dub the cockerel for you if you dont want to do it.

    Possibly some others when I go through and pick what I want to keep.

    You will be able to show any of these birds this coming season.!!!

    I will be taking them to a swap in early April. But prefer to have some 4Hers get them. Thanks
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