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    Mar 7, 2008
    I will have one dozen, possibly two dozen, Rhode Island Red eggs for sale on Monday.

    These eggs will be fresh, out of 17 RIR hens with two RIR roos. The birds are a nice dark red color. But not _all_ of the eggs may be pure. In the flock is a blue OEG cross rooster. He's beautiful and should throw fun offspring. Any chicks you get that aren't pure red would be from this guy sneaking in a little love on the side.

    Eggs are $9 a dozen. Extras (or more than one dozen) depend on how much cooking is done.

    No hatch guarantee, fertility is good. If any arrive cracked I'll send out replacements - just pay shipping. I have packing peanuts and air-filled plastic bags to tuck around the eggs. Plus giant handwriting to make sure the post office knows to be gentle: baby on board.

    Shipping based on where you are. Toss me your zip and I'll toss you a quote.
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  2. racefanru

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Hazlehurst, Mississippi
    Would be interested in 2 dozen if available, just sent you a PM.

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