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11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
Southern Columbia County NY
PRICE REDUCED TO $14.00! Come on, I dont want to have to put these in the fridge.

I have a batch of 6+ Silver Sebright hatching eggs. All of the eggs that will be shipped are from today. You will receive at least 8 eggs.

I have been checking for fertility and have gotten 100%. I have also gotten a couple reports of 100% fertility from my customers.

If you would like them, please post sold and pm or email me at [email protected] for my paypal email address. Payment is by Paypal instant payment only. No e-checks.

The total is $14.00 w/ priority shipping. Or you can make me an offer, because I dont want to have to put these in the fridge.

Here is one of my Sebright roosters. You can see some pictures of the chicks, and hens on my website in my signature.

Once these eggs leave my hands, and enter the postal system, I have no control over what happens. Therefore I can NOT guarantee hatchability.

I wrap my eggs individually in bubblewrap, and use lots of padding.

Pay by 8pm EST tonight, and I will ship tomorrow.
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