Solid Shampoo Bars Handmade--free Shipping


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Made By Witch's Brew Soaps

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Handmade From Scratch, Using The Best Ingredients Available. Not Melt And Pour.

Wonderful Rich Lather. Made With Oils Of Almond, Coconut And Jojoba.

Leaves Your Hair Clean And Silky. Scented With Lemon And A Hint Of Lavender.

All Bars Approx 4.5 Oz.
Shampoo bars are made with olive, coconut, jojoba, castor and almond oils. It is a softer bar. It contains no goatsmilk.

All of our regular soaps contain goatsmilk and are made with soybean fats, olive oil and palm oil and are a harder soap.

Many people have written that they like to use the shampoo bars as a bodywash also.
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