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    One of my hens just won't integrate with any of the others. She arrived from a hatchery 3 weeks ago with another hen, they are both 18 weeks old now. I had 3 others hens who had been together for only 2 weeks when I added the these 2. She did get a bit bullied to begin with, I think she was more dominant than the one she arrived with, the others just ignore her now. She now spends most of the day avoiding the others who all get on quite well. I'm not sure if she's eating much and the last 2 nights she won't go in the coop to be locked in with the others preferring to roost on the ground under something. She sits facing the fence a lot of the time and looks very sad. Do I need to do anything or just give her more time

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    Hello & welcome!
    Give her more time and name her Greta Garbo (I want to be alone). [​IMG]
    As long as she is not being bullied, eating/drinking ok, I think she will probably integrate on her own terms, good luck
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    I'd put her in the coop, not let her stay out all night, to keep her safe and get her in the habit of 'you belong here at this time of day'.
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    Try getting her to join the others for treats. She might be more submissive than most and may need a bit more time to join the group.
  5. Make sure she is eating and drinking. Is she sitting around all puffed up? Have you checked her for lice/mites? Have you wormed your girls?

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