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  1. I am listening to the sad peeps of Solo, who was the only chick to develop out of 22 eggs. [​IMG] Solo was born 36 hours ago. Poor little thing is all alone. Has anyone introduced a mama hen to a single chick? I have a bantam mille that is 4 months old that might be a mama, or one of my standard sized pullets. I also have 4 millies that are nearly 8 weeks old. Any advice? I love holding this sweet beautiful baby, but I know my company isn't the same as her own chickie friends.

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  2. I wouldnt do that. If they arent broody dont try to do that. The hen might attack and kill the little one. Give Solo a little stuffed toy to lay with.
  3. chilling in muscadine

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    I agree with SundownWaterfowl. Your other bird's might kill Solo. The stuffed toy is what to do. Solo will think you are it's mama. Is your brooder inside with you?
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    wish you lived closer I'd give you a buddy for the lil guy. [​IMG]
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  5. Yes, the brooder is inside. I do have a sock and stuffed animal. Looking for a mirror. I am on the hunt for a pal for the little thing. I just began working again, after having the summer off, so this little munchkin will be home alone. My 3 kids will hold it alot, but still from what I have read, these little critters really need a buddy. Sigh....

    I don't have a broody hen so won't attempt to do that. What age span would you all suggest I could get away with? I do have a possible chick that is 5 weeks old that I can get from another member on here.
  6. lurky

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    I hatched a little mille (uno) on tuesday under a broody, and also wondered if it would be lonely without another chick. I hope the momma hen is enough. I know how ya feel worrying [​IMG]
  7. I meant to say thanks Teresann for your thoughtfulness.

    Lurky, I would think your mama would be enough for sweet little Uno.[​IMG]
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    Are you traveling south any time soon? I am kind of far(gas wise) to travel to for just one (or 5 [​IMG] )chick though. I don't have silkies but a LOT of Ancona just hatched yesterday and today. I wanted a trio and had 17 hatch [​IMG]

  9. lurky

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    I'm glad you think so. With all the fairs going on right now, maybe you could find someone with chicks. Do you have any others hatching in the near future? I have seen people lone chicks all snuggles up to stuffies, so it must help:) there is also the milford swap this weekend right? Is that too far?
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    Out of my first hatch I also have a single chick.(Dutch Banty) I have more eggs that are supposed to be hatching in the next week but in the meantime I have put a little stuffed animal in with him/her too. I work from home so make sure he is always in a brooder in the same room I am in. But I know its not the same as a chick buddy.[​IMG]

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