Solution to hot quail found


8 Years
Jun 23, 2013
So I've been worrying about the comfort of my quail during the 95f degree weather,and want them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without getting too hot. So I put emergency foil blankets over the sunniest part of their enclosure which dramatically lowered the temps.. Still lots of pink noses and panting. So I came up with this:


It's just a very thick cardboard box lined with the same thermal foil and a brushless (computer type) fan I saved from an old defunct incubator. The fan is very weak, so as to avoid accidents, and gently blows cold air into the box via a large, non-melting ice block (plastic, water filled blocks) placed on top of the fan intake. The cold air builds up inside due to the foil and thick cardboard, and the quail go in and out as they please.

If you are worried about your quail or other fowl in the heat, this is practially free to make and takes no time at all! Just make sure your electrical hookup is weatherproof and your fan is covered.

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