Some blood in 3 week old kitten's stool

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    Some background:

    2 1/2 weeks ago my husband is moving some duct, and a black blur scares 2 years off of his life. He looks down and sees a litter of 4 black kittens. He covers the den/nest up again. He didn't go back on Thursday, but did on Friday. In the location he finds one lonely kitten, he calls me to drive 45 min to the job site he is working at to pick up the abandoned kitten. It's eyes are still closed and it has it's umbilical cord still. About 20 min after I get home he calls to tell me he will be bringing home 2 more and that the 4th was adopted by someone else. The mother had moved the kittens into a heater. Only one of these still had it's cord. Later that night, we became concerned about the 1st kitten. I thought that it was looking dehydrated, so we called a vet asst friend of ours and she said that their office had a lot of kittens right now and she could only take the really bad one. She insisted that we try to get the mom...but we couldn't. That little one died that night.

    The other 2 I have been bottle feeding for 2 weeks now and they have been growing really well..I think. However, now their stool has become looser and there is some blood. I am still feeding them KMR, now with a little rice. They are eating about an ounce 3 times a day.

    Any ideas?
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    Take a stook sample to the vet first thing in the morning. If there are any parasites, you will have to treat them. Good luck!
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    ive been thru the newborn kitten stage. Its pretty difficutle, yet very rewarding in the end. It sounds to me like worms. The mother probably had them too, especially if she was a stray. I think taking the poop to the vet in the a.m would be a good idea. If not, just call an emergency vet & tell them whats happening & see if you can get an answer out of them without having to bring the kitten in & pay an arm & a leg !! Good luck !
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    Was their poop hard before? If so it can cause small lesions.
    When you "poop" them, does the area look irritated?
    And yes it could be from parasites.
    I too have raised babies, it is a lot of work, but as mrszlopez said, it is very rewarding. In fact I have 2 now that I have been raising since they were 1 or 2 days old. We're at the weaning stage now...they grow so fast!
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