Some *blurry* pics of 2008 Babies


At Your Service
12 Years
Nov 16, 2007
San Antonio TX
Purebred Nubian Buckling- KS Acres Midnight Magic

La Mancha X Nubian Experimental buckling (soon to be a wether) Unnamed

Group Shot
Cream colored is a NXL experimental doeling KS Acres Strawberi Dreamz (Beri)
Behind Beri, black w/ tan trim exp buckling, unnamed (soon to be a wether)
Dark brown in foreground is N X L exp doeling KS Acres Rummed Raisen (Rummy)
Light colored (chamoisee) is N X L exp doeling KS Acres Idyll Lark (Lark)
Sister to this doe is harder to see, exp doeling KS Acres Idyll Warbler (Birdy)
Spotted in middle is PB Nubian doeling, KS Acres Miss Galaxy (Gail)
Behind her roan, sister doe, PB Nubian, KS Acres Miss Hollywood (Holly)

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